Saturday, March 12, 2011

photos from Rekindle!

Sunday, March 6
On the bus on the ride down

view out the window
We got bored, so we played Mafia.
Monday, March 7
view from our balcony
the note rope
new this year: a coffee station :)

"brown shoe bingo" to pick the teams for the Rekindle Cup
playing dodgeball

sign-ups for the Whoa show
digging a crater
the first sunset

sumo wrestling

Tuesday, March 8

the girls had to get marbles out using their toes
volleyball again
making macreme bracelets
playing extreme crinisiffle (crazy-tennis-wiffleball)

water gun fight!

playing four-square

doing a challenge from "minute-to-win-it"
Wednesday, March 9

in this game, they had to pull the opponents' thing off their head
Seth smoking his pipe

then the rain rolled in

dashing across from the meeting room to the dorms
this is what we do when it rains at Rekindle:

goofing off

Thurday, March 10
our amazing worship band!
relay race

getting coins at the bottom of the pool
Wes and Eric showing their injuries
sunset on the last night

the Rekindle Cup winners
the Whoa Show

Wesley, doing an UnderOath song

Friday, March 11
packing up to leave
on the ride back
stopping for lunch

dinner at the mall of Georgia