Friday, January 21, 2011


Christianne and I redid our bedroom recently. I wish I would have taken pictures before we changed it, but I forgot. It was pastel colored - yellow, lavender, and green. Basically a little girls room. Here's what it looks like now:

Our room looks a lot nicer now. :)

Mission28 started back up last Thursday. It's different this semester, 'cause we aren't allowed to use amplified sound for worship. But I like the change to acoustic music; it makes it easier to focus on the words.
We started a series called Rooted. It will cover some of the basic beliefs of Christianity, as found in the Bible. Yesterday Jon taught on what the Bible says about God. It was good to be reminded of who God is, and how He is in sovereign control of /everything/. It's definitely comforting to think that whatever happens on earth happens because God planned it that way.

Oh, in Philippians, I've memorized up to chapter 3 verse 11. At the beginning I was memorizing a verse every day, but now I've gotten lazy and only do one every few days. I need to get back on track!

Monday, January 3, 2011

for my friends :)

Well, it's a new year. I want to encourage all of my friends. I've learned so much from all of you, and I've seen God work in your lives this past year.

Allyson: You're really sweet. I love your smile and your unwavering trust in the Lord. You truly believe that God is faithful no matter what.

Andrew: You taught me how to be adventurous. I didn't like trying new things until I met you. Thanks for introducing me to fun things like frisbee golf, canoeing, and four-wheeling. I always have fun when I hang out with you. :)

Becca: I love how you treat everyone as your friend. You have no trouble talking to anyone, and you make sure everyone feels included. You truly love people, which is a wonderful gift to have.

Chris: I'm just beginning to know you, but I can already tell that you love Christ. Your joy in the Lord is evident in your smile.

Eli: You are strong in the Lord, my friend. You firmly believe that God will never leave you, and that He works everything out for your good. You're an encouragement to me to trust in the Lord always.

Emily E.: I love sending emails to you. You are so encouraging! Thanks for asking me how I'm doing and being willing to pray for me. It means a lot. You're a great example to me of how we are to care for one another.

Hannah G.: You truly care about others. You always have others' interests in mind before your own. You're really sweet, and a great example of how to love others the way Christ loves us.

Jessica: You are one of the most joyful people I know. You always have a smile on your face. I love hanging out with you, because you make me smile. :)

Kasey: You're full of energy, which makes you fun to be with. You always have a positive view of things, which encourages me to do the same. Thanks for being friends with such a quiet person as me.

Lizzy: You're such a sweet friend. I love getting to know you better in girls discipleship. Your desire to grow in the Lord is a great example to me, as well as your excitement about what God will teach you through your circumstances. You're good at asking others questions, which shows you care about them. I want to be more caring like you.

Marissa: You have a gentle and quiet spirit, yet you aren't afraid to speak up for what you believe. I love having you in our caregroup; you always have something encouraging to share in the Bible study. And I admire how you want to be a light shining for Christ in school and work. You're a great example of what it means to fear God more than man.

Rachel P.: I admire how you fit in with all age groups. No matter who it is - teens, college students, married couples - you know how to be friends with them. That's a great gift to have! You're also good at reaching out to new people. You aren't afraid to introduce yourself, and you love asking questions to get to know them. You make everyone feel welcome with your smile. :) I hope to be more like you.

Recah: You're an excellent example to me of rejoicing in trials. You've been through so much in the past few years, yet you've never doubted God's goodness. You trust God no matter what your circumstances, and you always have a smile on your face. Thanks for encouraging me to keep my focus on God when I'm tempted to focus on my circumstances.

Samantha: I love how much you value time with your family. You're a great reminder to me that my family should be the most important thing to me. I admire how you joyfully say no to hanging out with friends so you can be with your family. Such a great example!

Seth: Your care for others is evident. I love the way you encourage all of us to focus more on caring for each other, imitating Christ's love for us.

Nick and Rebecca, Greg and Hillary: You lead our caregroup so well. You've helped me understand Scripture better, and put a desire in me to know more. Thanks for taking time to get to know and disciple me and my fellow college students. I'm so grateful for you all!

Dupre, Wilma, Sofia, Mike, Chris, Lillie, Rose, Nancy, Charlie, Judith, Anna Grace, Tami, Kathy, Alex, Jackie: Thanks for working with me, and still being my friends. You make work fun! :) And you helped me be more comfortable around people, which is a big improvement for this homeshcooler. Thanks for helping me change.

I am /so/ blessed to have all these friends (and many more) in my life. God is awesome! :)