Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I have decided

This hymn is very true for me right now:

"I have decided to follow Jesus
I have decided to follow Jesus
I have decided to follow Jesus
No turning back
No turning back"

After recent conversations I've had about God/religion, I had some doubts about Christianity. So, I did some really deep thinking about my beliefs and whether or not they are completely true. I've come to the exciting conclusion that God is real, the Bible is true and trustworthy, and Jesus is my Savior. The reason this conclusion is so exciting (apart from the fact that I have a relationship with my Creator) is that I came to it on my own. No one told me that this is what is true, I became convinced of these things myself, based on what I've experienced and seen others experience and based on what I've read in Scripture.

So, I can really sing the above hymn with my whole heart. /I/ have decided (no one decided for me) to follow Jesus! :) I am so thankful to God that He helped me truly own my faith.

Monday, August 11, 2014

It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since I moved into the rental house with other girls. I just signed to renew my lease a few days ago. Most definitely the past year has been a year of growing and maturing for me. I won't go into detail, but I'll just say that I learned more about adulthood & responsibilities, and claiming my beliefs as my own. I do miss living with my family, but I get to see them once a week which is a blessing.

Also, this past Wednesday Quentin and I celebrated 6 months of being 'together'. Crazy how time flies! I often wish time would slow down or stop when I'm hanging out with Quentin. He's such a good friend, as well as a good boyfriend. :) Wouldn't trade him for anything.