Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Fact Wednesday (5)

Yay for posting 3 days in a row! :)

Random fact: I enjoy using my hands to accomplish tasks. Let me explain.
I would rather use my hands for cooking/baking than using a machine. For example, to chop nuts or other various things, I'd rather use a knife and cutting board than a "chopper"; and I'd rather mix batter with a spoon than an electric mixer. I would rather use my hands to shred paper than use scissors. I would rather write things down by hand than use a computer keyboard. I would rather pick at a sticker with my finger to remove it than use a knife. Etc.
I can never seem to stop moving my hands. When I'm not doing a specific task with them, I'm usually fiddling with my hair or tapping my fingers on something. That's probably why I like massage and sign language so much - 'cause I get to use my hands!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

picture post

Just some random pictures I took at various places. :)

These next few are from Sunday, when I drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's so gorgeous up there!

And two from the internet.

Monday, May 27, 2013

(a few of) My Friends

I want to take a minute to talk about a few of the amazing, wonderful friends I've been blessed with. Most everything I write about each person is from what I have observed/learned about them in the times we've been together. It's what I admire most about them, apart from their love of Jesus. Yep, my friends are pretty swell. :)

Cara is probably my closest girl friend now. We're doing a Bible study/accountability together, which I really enjoy. I tell her pretty much everything that's going on in my life, and she listens attentively. She is very graceful and enjoys dancing (she's quite good at it too!). She is kind to everyone and is always willing to pray for others when they need it. She is ladylike, self-controlled, and modest in dress and character. We both like a lot of the same things, which makes it fun to hang out with her. I've learned several things from her through our talks together, for which I'm grateful.        

Tim calls himself a social misfit and a nerd, but I see in him an extremely gifted, intelligent young man. He enjoys - to name a few: the outdoors, photography, words (he works for Wikipedia), and NASCAR (if we mention something that happens to be a sponsor, he'll say enthusiastically "Guess what? That's a NASCAR sponsor!"). Tim is a very thoughtful and caring person. He often gives people compliments, asks how they're doing, looks for ways to bless them(he's excellent at this!), and really tries to understand them. He also has a wonderful sense of humor - he makes me laugh at least once every time we talk - and he's not afraid to laugh at himself. I admire this, because I tend to take myself and life too seriously.

Josiah, I can honestly say, is becoming one of my best friends. I can talk to him about almost anything, and he'll always give good advise/encouragement. He has a joyful, outgoing personality, and a hearty laugh that makes me smile. He is very intelligent and enjoys learning new things (I've been teaching him a bit of sign language, and he always seems eager to learn), which is good because he's in nursing school. He will be an excellent nurse - he has a kind and compassionate nature that comes out when he's inquiring how people are doing. Josiah is also chivalrous and selfless. He treats girls with respect and looks after them well - helps them carry things, walks them to their car, opens the door for them, etc. He puts others before himself and often looks for ways to serve at events or get-togethers.

Jessie loves life. She always has a smile on her face, and can often be heard singing random songs. She usually has a "pep to her step" and keeps her words positive, which encourages me to have a positive attitude as well. I am very fond of her laugh, in all its various, unique forms (yes, she has several different laughs, which is great!). Jessie and I are both in the post-college stage of life, so we understand one another quite well. I'm blessed to call her one of my best friends.        

Kasey is (according to her own words) a spaz. She normally has lots of energy and hardly ever stops moving. I enjoy hanging out with her because she brings out the extrovert part of me, and she's just lots of fun to be around. She enjoys singing, cutting hair, and quoting funny movie lines.        

Tiffany is kinda my cheerleader. I haven't known her long, but she's always excited to see me. She also gets excited for me when I share exciting things. (Wow, I used the same word a lot.) I'm glad she's a part of M28.     

Jeorge has lots of "Jesus Christ swag". He's a great encourager and always willing to pray for others. He tries to stay positive, and does a great job of keeping a smile on my face when I feel down.

Alex H. (had to put his last initial 'cause I know so many Alex's) is like my brother, 'cause we've been through a lot together. He's very handy at fixing things, enjoys working on cars, and gives great hugs. He's good at making sure I don't take life too seriously, and that I stay safe.

So, those are just /some/ of my wonderful friends. I am so blessed by each of them! (I could keep going, but I don't want to bore you with stuff about people you might not know.)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

just some random stuff

I've been spending a lot more of my free time making things. This weekend I made wall decor using old CDs. It was fun figuring out how to decorate each one.

Let's see... Oh, I started watching Blimey Cow on YouTube. If you haven't seen any of his videos, go look him up. He's great! He has tips on a lot of stuff like what you should and shouldn't say to the opposite gender, as well as funny ones like 10 reasons to never go outside. Definitely worth watching.

I've started having digestive issues again, pretty bad. So I went to the doctor, and had some tests done. Now I'm waiting for the results to come. Hopefully they'll be able to figure out what's wrong, so they can tell me what to do to start improving my health.

I saw some funny introvert-related things the other day. Here are a few:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

catch up

Haven't posted in over a month! I've been pretty busy with working 2 jobs and going to M28 events/meetings. Before I get caught up, how about a Random Fact Wednesday?

I love baking. The process of measuring the ingredients and mixing them together to make a yummy baked food is just so much fun! :)

So, here are a few pictures of what's been going on since I posted last.

I took a pregnancy massage class the beginning of April. It was in Siler City at a beautiful school called Body Therapy Institute. The campus was very relaxing and gorgeous to look at.

There was a swing dance to raise money for 3000 miles to a cure, which supports cancer research. You should go look it up, and consider donating! 
Dancing is so much fun :)

And a tree fell onto the power line that attaches to our house. This knocked out our electricity, and it was out for almost 48 hours. Thankfully we were able to get it repaired! 

 And it's fixed!

One more thing. I just read this on Facebook, and think it makes a lot of sense. Don't know why I never thought of dating in this way. (by Tim Keller)

"Screen first for friendship. Look for someone who understands you better than you do yourself, who makes you a better person just by being around them. And then explore whether that friendship could become a romance and a marriage.
So many people go about their dating starting from the wrong end, and they end up in marriages that aren’t really about anything and aren’t going anywhere."