Tuesday, February 4, 2014

month in (brief) review

The month of January was certainly full of random shenanigans!

At the beginning of the month, I sliced my finger open on a broken bottle in our recycling bin. Totally my fault - shouldn't have reached in to rearrange stuff with my bare hands.

Anyway, two of my roommates took me to urgent care. They were both so kind and took great care of me, without panicking, which was very much appreciated. And I had to get stitches.

 Yep. Five. Count 'em. Five stitches. I had to take several days off from work in order for it to start healing. But, my finger is back to normal now. All that's left is a scar.

Isn't it amazing how the human body heals? I've enjoyed watching my skin grow back together. Just so fascinating! It's ok, you can laugh at how weird I am.

At the end of the month, we had our first ice/snow storm of the year. We invented a new winter sport: knee-boarding on ice!

And here are a few more snow pictures.

The only bad thing was that our road turned into a giant ice skating rink. We could literally slide down the hill in our boots. Good thing we didn't have to drive anywhere that day! 

The middle of the month consisted of hanging out with friends and family, staying up later than we should, puzzles, and lots of baking and cooking. All in all, January proved to be quite a good month. Bring it on, February.