Friday, January 29, 2016

21 weeks!

Hard to believe I'm now 21 weeks along. It's gone by so fast! The biggest change is that I can feel some fluttering in my belly, which is our baby moving. It's pretty amazing. :) Also, my nausea has gone away, which is very nice, and I have a bit more energy.
At my last ultrasound, the tech lady found that the placenta moved up some. So it's no longer low-lying. I'm extremely thankful for that, 'cause that means I can go back to normal activities and not be super careful. Praise the Lord for a good report!

Also at the last ultrasound, the tech lady determined the gender of our baby. And,

I'm having a mini me! :) We're so excited! I am super excited that I get to raise a daughter! :)

Here's a belly picture. So far, I like being pregnant.

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