Friday, June 3, 2016

4 Days Left

My estimated due date is only 4 days away. What? Crazy how close that is!

I'm doing well. A bit tired and uncomfortable, but that's normal when you're almost 40 weeks pregnant. :)
Dresses are my favorite thing right now. I just don't like anything touching my belly anymore. And dresses keep me cooler too. The weather has been in the 80's lately!
I've been having a few sporadic, very mild contractions/cramping the past couple days, which my midwife said is my body getting warmed up for birth. Exciting times!

Here's a silhouette of my growing belly.

On Monday, for Memorial Day, Quentin was off work. I love getting to spend the whole day with him! We went to the Botanical Gardens, where we saw a lot of pretty flowers and butterflies. And then we went to a mini golf course to play a few rounds. That was fun, 'cause I haven't played in a while. :) After that, we went out for dinner, then came home and watched a war movie. Long but fun day!

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Jessie Berrie said...

I. Can. Hardly. Wait. :) :) :)