Monday, August 7, 2017

One Year!

I've been so caught up in being a mom to Claire and a wife to Quentin that I haven't posted on this blog for a year. What? Crazy!

So much has happened, as you can imagine. Here are just a few highlights of the past year.

- We went on a crazy beach trip with my family, involving hurricane Matthew, flooded roads, hotel stays, and not much beach time. Still fun to be with everyone though. :)

- Mom and Dad moved up north the end of October. They are now a two-day drive away from all us kids, instead of 20 minutes. I miss them being here, but I'm glad that they are happy where they are. They love it up there!

- Quentin and I went to his grandma's house for Christmas 2016. It was my first Christmas apart from my family. While I did have a lot of fun with Quentin's family, it wasn't quite the same as being with mine. It helped that we got to drive east to my grandparents two days after Christmas, and spend some time with them as well as two of my aunts. They all loved getting to meet Claire. :) She was a great traveler too, hardly fussed at all in the car.

- We found out that Claire is getting a little cousin this Fall. Two, actually. One on each side of the family. We are so excited! My sister Anna's baby shower was this past weekend, and she's due the last day of September. Amanda Whitaker is expecting a baby girl on November 1. It will be fun to see how Claire interacts with her new cousins.

- My youngest brother, Ben, is currently in Marine Corp boot camp. Unfortunately, he dislocated his shoulder a few weeks ago, and is in medical trying to heal up. It's uncertain right now if he will be able to finish his training, but I really really hope that he can. Prayers for him are appreciated!

And, of course, Claire turned one year old in June. We had a party for her the Sunday after her birthday, with both sides of the family. It was fun having everyone together! We mostly just sat and talked, then sang to Claire and let her try a cupcake. She got messy, but had fun eating it. :)

Claire sleeps through the night now, which is very nice. She crawls around so fast, sometimes it's hard to keep up. She can walk while holding onto things, but not by herself yet. Her favorite word is "uh-oh", and she can also say MaMa, DaDa, Up, and Dat (that). It's so cute when she babbles incessantly like she's telling a story. :) Her favorite time of day is when Quentin comes home. I'll say "Daddy's home", and she immediately looks toward the door and smiles when he comes in. She loves her daddy.

Well, I guess that's all. I would really like to post more often. I'll try to make it happen.

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Jessie Berrie said...

Nice to read from you again, as always!